‘Moral Monday’ Bible study honors Charleston victims

The Bible study group meeting on Wednesday night. Photo by Derick Waller/WNCN

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) — A Bible study in Raleigh honored the victims of a mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, one week after the tragedy.

The North Carolina NAACP skipped their weekly “Moral Monday” protest at the General Assembly, instead opting for a special Bible study service at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh Wednesday night.

Led by NC NAACP President Reverend William Barber and Pullen Church Pastor Nancy Petty, the group touched on familiar themes of income and healthcare inequality, promising to turn last week’s tragedy, where nine church worshippers were gunned down during bible study, into change.

“There needs to be a change overall,” Stacey Haywood said. “When you look at the rate of pay, the disparity, the opportunities, the healthcare issues, all of those things at large that encompass who we are as a people, when those things begin to change, then we begin to become repairers of the breach.”

The group of several dozen read the names of those nine victims, held up their pictures and lit nine candles in remembrance. At one point, they stood around the sanctuary, holding hands in prayer.

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