Pair murdered Facebook friend, who was set on fire in Fayetteville, officials say

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WNCN) — Authorities have charged a pair with murder in the death of a Fayetteville man whose body was dumped and set on fire earlier this week.

The pair were nabbed at a motel in Carolina Beach for the death of William Ted Foster, age 49, who was found dead Tuesday — and his body was on fire, Cumberland County Sheriff’s Officials said.


Justin Quick, 20, of 5415 Gilcrest Sands Dr., Hope Mills, and Misty Dawn Burns, 24, of 551 Braxton Blvd., Fayetteville, are charged with murder connection with the death of Foster.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s detectives joined with officers of the Carolina Beach Police Department and the FBI Task Force to arrest Quick and Burns shortly after 5:30 Thursday afternoon.

The search for the pair began when Foster’s vehicle and both Misty Dawn Burns and Justin Quick were gone.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s detectives pursued the investigation, learning that at around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, and a neighbor saw Foster’s Chrysler 300 parked at the back door of the residence with the engine running.

“That information, along with other tips caused the Sheriff’s deputies to track the vehicle as well as to track the use of Foster’s credit cards, resulting in a finding that Burns and Quick had used the credit cards,” officials said.

“Believing that Burns and Quick were using the credit cards and the vehicle to attempt to flee from Cumberland County, detectives issued a bulletin with details of the crime and the investigation and photographs of the Burns and Quick, who were then persons of interest in the case, and the Sheriff’s Office requested assistance from other law enforcement agencies who might come into contact with the pair,” officials said in a press release.

On Thursday, the Sheriff’s Office received a telephone call from the Carolina Beach Police Department which informed the Cumberland County investigators that the Carolina Beach Police Department had located William Foster’s vehicle at the Buccaneer Motel, 201 Cape Fear Blvd., Carolina Beach, according to Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

“Carolina Beach officers along with members of the FBI Task Force maintained surveillance throughout the day as Quick and Foster were observed going into and remaining in a room they rented at the Buccaneer Motel,” the sheriff’s office said.

Warrants for the arrest of Burns and Quick charge them with First Degree Murder and the car theft.

“Cumberland County detectives used a loud speaker  to tell the occupants of the motel room that they were subject to the warrants and demanding that they surrender. Both Burns and Quick surrendered to the officers,” officials said.

Burns and Quick will be taken before a judicial official and are expected to be transported back to Cumberland County.

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