Rocky Mount neighbors enter heated debate over Confederate flag

ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. (WNCN) – A Rocky Mount man and his neighbors debated Thursday his use of dozens of Confederate flags to decorate his home.

See more photos of West's home.

See more photos of West’s home.

In the days following the racially charged shooting of nine members of the Emanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina, debate has shifted to the confederate flag.

Many leaders in South Carolina have come out in favor of removing the flag from the South Carolina statehouse grounds.

In North Carolina, Gov. Pat McCrory is backing a movement to discontinue The Sons of The Confederate Veterans personalized license plates.

While in Rocky Mount, WNCN witnessed tension between neighbors over the Confederate flag.

Edward Lee West’s home on Arrington Avenue is surrounded by dozens of Confederate battle flags.

Neighbor Calvin Hunter confronted West in the street about the flags.

West said he has lived at his Rocky Mount home for 37 years.

During that time, he has collected about 150 Confederate battle flags, many of which are displayed outside of his home in a neighborhood that is predominantly black.

West was speaking WNCN’s Beau Minnick in the street outside of his home when neighbors came and asked him questions about why he keeps the flags up.

West said it is his property and his business to do so.

Some neighbors clearly opposed to what West is doing and there were some who said they didn’t mind it.

Rocky Mount police arrived after more than a dozen gathered in the street near West’s home.

Police arrived because so many had gathered in the street.

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