Teacher assistants rally to save NC jobs

Teacher assistants rally in Fayetteville

The fight to save thousands of teacher assistant jobs heated up in Cumberland County as several educators rallied in downtown Fayetteville Monday afternoon.

They slammed the North Carolina Senate’s plan to eliminate 8,500 jobs over the next two years as part of a new budget.

Advocates said the cuts would trigger the largest layoff in the state’s history and also said the teacher’s assistants are critical parts of the classroom.

“They are not numbers on a budget page to be moved around,” said music teacher Christi Davis. “They are people and they need their jobs and we need them. Would you rather have your child have one-twentieth of the adult’s attention or a chance with two adults in the room to have one-tenths of their attention?”

And Lacy Autry, a teacher’s assistant in Robeson County, said, “When we start separating and taking teacher’s assistants out of the classroom, we are effecting the livelihood for a child. The next generation is going to depend on that quality education.”

The teachers plan to have another rally outside of the General Assembly Tuesday morning at 10:30 a.m.

The Senate and House have not yet completed the next budget.

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