Drivers caught by Fayetteville red light cameras now face $100 fine

The grace period is over for drivers in Fayetteville.

Starting July 8, violations caught by newly-installed red light cameras will come with a $100 fine. The cameras were recently installed at certain intersections in the city and started operating 24-7 on July 1.

The new red light cameras do not capture right or left turn violations. Drivers will only be cited for driving straight through the intersection during a red light.

From July 1 through July 7, nearly 140 drivers received warnings.

Where to find them

Cameras are currently located at three intersections:

  • Reilly Road at Kimridge Drive,
  • Ramsey Street at Law Road
  • Skibo at Morganton.

The city also hopes to install more cameras at at least five additional intersections in the coming months.

  • Reilly Road at Morganton Road
  • Skibo Road at Yadkin Road/McPherson Church Road
  • Yadkin Road at Santa Fe Drive
  • Raeford Road at Bunce Road
  • Bragg Boulevard at Cain Road/Fort Bragg Road

How they work

Charles Territo of American Traffic Solutions said “this will use a 3D tracking radar technology that will track the vehicles through the intersection.”

The camera vendor says it costs about $100,000 per intersection to install the new technology and there was no upfront cost to the city. It all comes as good news for Joe Gore. Gore said “I’ve been run down before on this road, off of Morganton, because people would run through these lights.”

From 1999-2006, the city says more than 73,000 red light camera tickets were issued. That alone brought in nearly $3.7 million.

William Murchison calls the price “ridiculous” because he got two tickets in years past, from the cameras. He says the fees aren’t going to keep people from running red lights.

Murchison said “I knew about it when it was on Brag Boulevard and I still caught it. If you rush trying to get to work, trying to pick your kids up.”

Have your voice heard

The City of Fayetteville will host an online “Social Media Town Hall” about the new program.

It’s from 12-1pm on July 9. Just go to the City of Fayetteville, NC Government page, then to the “Events” tab. You can also ask a question under “Posts” and city staff members will answer it during the event.

“The social media town hall meeting is a new method the City of Fayetteville is implementing to reach residents on our Facebook page, which increases citizen engagement and transparency for our organization,” said Kevin V. Arata, City Corporate Communications Director.

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