Pets more prone to run away July 4 weekend

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Fireworks and loud sounds during the 4th of July weekend can be tough on your pets. Animal shelters say the days after 4th of July are the busiest time of the year because so many pets run away from their homes to try and escape the loud noises.

Dr. Cindy Eward, a veterinary surgeon with the Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital in Durham, says pets that run away are at risk of being hit by cars and other dangers.

“We see a huge increase in the number of pets coming in over the 4th of July weekend, mostly because when the fireworks go off, the pets become very afraid and they’re much more likely to run away,” said Eward. “It’s very important to take a look at the tips and abide by them over the weekend because these tips can save your pets life.”

Eward gives the following tips to keep your pets safe and prevent them from running away this weekend:

• Have your pet microchipped and be sure to register the chip
• Keep a collar with identification on your pet
• Exercise your pet earlier in the day so that they are tired and relaxed
• If you’re having guests over, place the pet in an enclosed area so that they don’t slip out a door
• Distract your pet with a favorite toy or treat
• Provide background sounds (television, radio)
• Do not take your pet to fireworks shows

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