Veterans group warns fireworks can trigger PTSD for some

Fireworks celebrations are expected all over the Triangle for the Fourth of July weekend. But for some people, those dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, the booms of holiday celebrations come at a price.

Some veterans are hoping a new campaign will help people be more mindful that fireworks can sound like gunshots and trigger memories of war.

“This is not a fun time of the year for me. I don’t look forward to Fourth of July,” said Ashley Shaw.
Shaw has PTSD, and even admitting she has it, is a struggle. Shaw served two tours in Iraq, but has been out of the military since 2010.

Shaw didn’t realize she was suffering from PTSD until several weeks ago when fireworks were randomly going off.
“I just froze in my steps and started crying,” Shaw said.

Shaw said the incident brought back memories of a time when a car bomb went off while she was deployed.
Military with PTSD, a nationwide group, is trying to raise awareness about fireworks possibly triggering
North Carolina has strict laws about fireworks and many backyard shows are illegal.

You can read about which fireworks are legal here.

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