McCrory taking ‘prudent’ steps to increase National Guard facility security, expert says

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) — Governor Pat McCrory is also calling for high security measures to be taken at National Guard recruiting offices after what happened in Chattanooga last week.

The governor says it’s the state’s responsibility to ensure military sites are secure.

This is a situation where the governor wants to make sure that anyone who is serving in National Guard or who wants to serve in the National Guard is safe when they are at an armory or recruiting center.

WNCN spoke with a security expert who says the governor is making the right move.

On a day when the nation and our state continues to mourn the four Marines and one Navy officer killed in the Chattanooga shooting…North Carolina is also taking a closer look at security at our national guard sites.

“What is the situation here and what do we need to do to ensure that our folks are as safe as we can possibly make them be?” asked Pamela Walker of the NC Dept. of Public Safety.

North Carolina joins at least six other states who are ordering the increased security.

We stopped by the recruiting center at Cary Towne Center to see first-hand if there were any changes…but the office was closed.

“Right now, I really cannot discuss any of the specifics.  they are taking what they deem appropriate,” Walker said.

And that’s the right approach to take, says Homeland Security Professor David Gray.

”I think it’s a prudent and a wise move to increase the security at these facilities.  It needs to be done,” said David Gray a Homeland Security Professor at Campbell University.

Gray teaches at Campbell and is a retired US Air Force officer and CIA officer.

We asked him what he foresees happening to security measures here and elsewhere.

“The physical security things, make sure you’ve got fences and doors and locks and controlled access points and that sort of thing.  also, there’s discussions about arming personnel at, for example, national guard armories,” Gray said.

“That’s the direction that states are going.”

And some states have already taken steps to arm guardsmen at places like recruiting centers.

We also talked with NC House Speaker Tim Moore who supports the governor’s decision and he says the General Assembly would only be called upon in this particular case if more funding was necessary.

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