NC viral video shows couple’s homemade ‘shark cages’ at Outer Banks

Image from YouTube

KILL DEVIL HILS, NC (WBTV) — Video shot by a North Carolina woman is making rounds online after a couple was seen in the water along the Outer Banks with some apparent homemade shark cages.

“I don’t know much about their goal of using the shark cages,” Jordan Cutrell told WBTV.

She said the ‘cages’ looked like PVC pipe and “obviously wouldn’t and couldn’t be seriously used to go swimming with sharks.”

She posted the video on YouTube Tuesday, but told WITN, in Greenville, that the video was shot Sunday.

She told WITN that the man took his cage in the water first, and then came back out. Cutrell says when the two went in the water that’s when she started recording with her cell phone.

Cutrell said the lifeguard, seen in the video, told the couple they couldn’t go any further in the water because they were putting themselves at risk.

The Camden, NC resident said she couldn’t believe the couple actually made the cages and were trying to use them in the open water.

“Everyone was curious of what was going on and was in awe,” she told WBTV. “As many times as I have been to the beach, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Ben Battaile, assistant ocean rescue supervisor for Kill Devil Hills, told WITN the main concern for rescuers was the possibility of the couple getting in water over their head and needing to be rescued. He says the lifeguard asked that they not go in more than knee-deep.

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