Special forces training coming soon in Sandhills

Robin Sage training

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. (WNCN) – Robin Sage training is happening in multiple counties in North Carolina from July 25 through Aug. 4.

A battalion commander said “it’s the most comprehensive, the most realistic, without question, unconventional, warfare exercise conducted anywhere in the military.”

Dating back to 1952, Robin Sage is the culminating exercise for U.S. Military Special Forces.
Taking place six times a year, in at least 15 counties throughout North Carolina, candidates participate in various training missions in a role play setting.

The Commander said “they learn how to conduct ambushes, how to conduct raids, maybe how to blowup a power line.”

In 2002, Robin Sage came under fire when a deputy shot and killed a Fort Bragg soldier during training.

The deputy reported he was unaware Robin Sage was taking place and the soldiers vehicle appeared suspicious.

Since then, new measures are in place to ensure people know about Sage and when it’s happening.
During the training, students that are not in uniform, and they’ll have arm bands. Also, cars that will be participating in the training will have a magnetic strip attached.

The battalion commander said “we coordinate every single event with all the local law enforcement, with the Sheriff’s Department, with the City Council.”

Residents may hear blank gunfire or see flares from the training but it should all be at a minimum, with no risk to the public or property.

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