Florida bear steals dog food, eats it, takes nap


Click for more of the sleepy bear

LAKE MARY, Fla. (WFLA) – A bear in Seminole County went into someone’s garage, ate part of a 20-pound bag of dog food, and then fell asleep on the lawn. And a neighbor has the photos to prove it.

Bob Cross of Lake Mary normally gets calls from his neighbors to catch nuisance critters. But, on Saturday he got quite the unusual call from the lady next door. And when he rounded the corner, he knew he was going to leave this one alone. “That’s a big bear! That’s a huge bear,” recalled Cross.

As Cross got closer, he snapped pictures. One of the photos shows the bear with a nearly 20 lb. bag of dog food that he dragged from a garage to a tree where he sat down to eat dine on the stolen food.

After several minutes of watching the bear from a safe distance, Cross couldn’t keep the camera still because he started laughing. The bear was tossing and turning just like a person who had too much to eat. Then the bear laid down and took a nap.

Art Fischer didn’t want the bear coming back for seconds, so he grabbed the leftovers and put the rest in his garage and locked it up. Bob and his neighbors just hope once bear hunting season starts on october 1st, this guy doesn’t get caught. “They were here before we were,” said Fischer.

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