UNC: Human errors led to delay in text alerts

Aycock Residence Hall at UNC

Two human errors were to blame after the University of North Carolina failed to send out an Alert Carolina text promptly Wednesday night, the school said Friday.

The incidents happened near Aycock Residence Hall around 11 p.m. Two students reported being robbed at gunpoint.

Carolina students heard the alarms go off but didn’t get an “Alert Carolina” text for 45 minutes.

A memo went to the campus from Chief Jeff McCracken, Director of Public Safety; Matt Fajack, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration; and Winston Crisp, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

The memo said, “Part of our notification system worked exactly as planned.”

The public safety officers activated the sirens and then broadcast an “all clear.”

“Unfortunately, the additional communications that should promptly follow a siren activation – including a text message to registered cell phones, an email and posts on official University social media accounts – were delayed,” the memo said. “That caused confusion about the status of the safety threat and unnecessary concern for people who were on or near campus.”

The officials said ‘two human errors, compounded by a glitch in the communications process, caused this problem.”

The UNC officials said the school is working to improve training and communication so it doesn’t happen again.


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