Raleigh 9U baseball squad headed to World Series

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The West Raleigh 9U Red All Stars are headed to California to play in the World Series.

“I don’t like long plane rides so that’s the bad thing about it,” said West Raleigh pitcher Will Gilbert.

That may be the only negative for this tight knit group of 9-year-olds as they head to the World Series.

There, these youngsters will be treated like major leaguers.

How about that.

“Yes it will be very exciting to be treated like that,” said Gilbert. “Everyone will want my autograph and all that stuff.”

There are responsibilities that come with being in the spotlight.

And while this is not the first time this team has traveled and stayed in a hotel, it is there most exciting road trip yet.

“We’re going to have a good time staying in a hotel together,” explained first baseman Channing Hautop. “It’s going to be like having a big sleep over with each other and that’s always fun.”

Winning is fun as well and late in the season this team has been on a roll after getting off to a slow start to begin the year.

“You know we started out going 1-3 in our first weekend tournament,” said head coach B.J. Christman. “Obviously to finish up this weekend as the East Zone champion, I’m just so thrilled with the progress that they’ve made.”

Christman and his squad will open up play on Thursday as another West Raleigh team shoots for a World Series title.

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