Wake Co. man says coyote killed his family dog

Wiggles Dad

See more photos of Cashman’s dogs

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A Wake County man is issuing a warning after he said his dogs were attacked by a coyote.

The attacks have the area on high alert and wildlife officials on the lookout.

Richard Cashman is thankful to have his dachshund Angel around, especially after she was attacked in the woods near his home near Falls Lake a few months ago.

“The vet looked at her and said that could be a coyote attack and they gave her a 50/50 shot at surviving,” said Cashman.

Angel did survive, but her parents weren’t so lucky.

Cashman said Angel’s father has been missing for weeks and her mother was attacked by a coyote Friday evening.

“We were going down the stairs and the mother started barking and ran down towards the woods,” he said. “Then I heard three real sharp yelps and then a real sharp yelp and I looked down in the woods and I could see a coyote with her hanging out of her mouth.”

Cashman said he knew the dog was dead.

Cashman said since the attacks, he and his neighbors have been on edge.

But he said they are taking steps to keep their animals safe and out of harm’s way.

“We just have to walk her and keep a closer eye out and not let her enjoy that we have all this woods and acreage for her to run around in,” he said.

Wildlife officials said that coyote sightings are typical this time of year.

“They are out there looking for things to eat,” said North Carolina Wildlife Commission office Cpt. Matthew Long. “They mostly prey on rodents, reptiles, small birds; they eat garbage and pet food that’s left in people’s yards. They will prey on small domesticated animals.”

Cashman has filed a report with Wake County Animal Control. Officials said that coyote attacks are rare, but the coyote population is actually growing and thriving nationwide in urban areas.

This comes just weeks after a man was followed and flanked by three coyotes in Schenck Forest.


3 coyotes follow, flank man walking puppy, Raleigh police say

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