NC town’s Carolina Ale House reopens after being condemned by city

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – The Carolina Ale House restaurant in Greenville reopened just one day after city officials condemned it, according to the restaurant’s managing company.

Katherine Goldfaden with LM Restaurants told WNCT the place passed a building and health inspection.

The city had investigated a report of falling bricks inside the restaurant.

Goldfaden told WNCT they have removed those bricks and are working on a more permanent solution.

“We’ve worked very hard today to be thorough through this inspection,” assured Carolina Ale House General Manager Chris Beagley. “We’ve also taken extra steps to ensure the safety of our guests and team members. We would also like to thank all the city officials for their support.”

For the time being, the second floor remains closed so patrons can only eat on the first floor.


Greenville’s inspections division closed down the Carolina Ale House restaurant on Thursday.

The city posted a “condemned” sign before 5 p.m. Carolina Ale House then posted a “work in progress” sign above the “condemned” sign.

City Community Development Director Merrill Flood told WNCT that a patron reported falling bricks inside the restaurant to inspectors.

“Inspectors went out and visited the restaurant and inspected it to see what may be the issue and found that there was reason to close operations until it could be fixed,” Flood said.

Carolina Ale House’s general manager Chris Beagley said the falling brick is decorative and not part of the structure itself. He’s working with the restaurant’s builder to make the necessary fixes.

“The safety and well-being of our guests is of vital importance to use,” Beagley said. “We are in full cooperation with the building inspector’s office.”

Once repairs are made, the city must reinspect the building before reopening it.

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