Florida home of dentist who killed Cecil the lion vandalized

The words “Lion Killer” have been painted on the Florida home of Dr. Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who admitted to killing Cecil, the beloved lion and tourist attraction in Zimbabwe.

The Florida home of Dr. Walter Palmer, who killed Cecil the lion, is vandalized. (NBC News)
MORE PHOTOS: Fla. home of Dr. Walter Palmer vandalized

The outrage over the killing has spread through out the world officials in zimbabwe asking the u.s. To extradite palmer so he can be charged with the crime of killing cicel which could send palmer to a zimbabwe jail for a decade. But not everyone feels palmer should be locked up.

“It’s pretty pathetic to rush to judgment over something you don’t really have all the answers to,” said one of the neighbors in the Marco Island neighborhood.

Some of palmer’s neighbors are saying the situation is over-blown.

“There have been other lions killed,” said another neighbor.

Still, some  vandals who took matters into their own hands, leaving mutilated pigs’ feet in front of the home.

“I’m sorry but I just don’t agree with that kind of stuff,” yet another neighbor said.

Palmer has not been charged with a crime and insists he was counting on local guides to make sure the hunt was legal.

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