Service dog calls 911, pulls blind man from house fire


See more photos of Yolanda

PHILADELPHIA (WSPA) – A service dog in Philadelphia called 911 and pulled her blind owner out of a house that was on fire.

Red Paw Emergency Relief Team posted the story and photos of the dog named Yolanda on its Facebook page.

The fire started at the home Thursday morning.

Yolanda was able to call emergency dispatchers by using a specialized phone according to NBC Philadelphia.

The service dog then pulled her owner out of the home.

The fire caused enough damage to displace the owner and pet.

Red Paw says this wasn’t the first time Yolanda called 911. Her owner fell and was knocked unconscious last year and the dog called 911 in that situation.

Red Paw says it is an emergency response organization that provides emergency shelter, transportation and veterinarian care for dogs that are displaced by fires and other residential disasters.

Yolanda received food, toys, treats and supplies at her temporary home.

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