Greenville Police Department starts ‘good ticket’ campaign

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Thousands of pedestrians and bicyclists in North Carolina are hit by cars every year. The Greenville Police Department is issuing “good tickets” to encourage pedestrians to follow the law at crosswalks.

When a Greenville police officer catches a pedestrian or driver following the crosswalk laws, they get a good ticket. The initiative is part of the “Watch For Me NC” campaign.

The Greenville Police Department started the campaign Friday and received positive feedback.

“I definitely don’t want a ticket of any kind so I rather get this than a speeding ticket,” good ticket recipient Jessica Lemon said.

Sergeant Michael Montanye with the Greenville Police Department hopes the campaign will improve relationships within the community.

“We’ve taken this as an opportunity to change that encounter or that relationship between the motorists or pedestrian and the police officer to say ‘Hey you’ve been caught, but you’ve been caught doing something good this time,’” Sergeant Montanye said.

Each good ticket includes a coupon for a free item from The Scullery or SupDogs, two businesses in Uptown Greenville.

Sergeant Montanye said the campaign will last for at least six months.

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