Duke School of Nursing on cutting edge of simulation and distance education

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Duke University School of Nursing is on the cutting edge of simulation and distance education.

From mannequins with realistic movements to rolling robots carrying iPads with student’s watching on the other end, the School of Nursing has gone completely high tech.

“When I went to nursing school, we train giving an injection into an orange,” said Margie Malloy, DNP, RN, CNE, CHSE director for the Center for Nursing Discovery.

Malloy has been out in front of the simulation education revolution but she’s not afraid to get behind the scenes either.

A simulation lab on Duke’s campus gives students real-life experience before they hit the hospital.

“Because you’re never doing anything for the first time, you’ve always practice on a patient…a mannequin like this,” said nursing student Alex Rudolph

Students learn practical skills that include birthing babies, working with children and how to properly listen to a heartbeat.

Students that cannot be present in the simulation lab are given a physical presence with a robot.

California-based Double Robotics developed the robot used at Duke that can be controlled remotely by iPhones or iPads.

An iPad is mounted on a robotic pedestal that gives students eyes, ears and a mouth in the lab.

Around 50 students have utilized the distance education program portion of the simulation education program.

Malloy expects it to grow over the next several years.

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