Keep an eye out for counterfeit money in our area, Creedmoor police warn

CREEDMOOR, NC (WNCN) — Police in Creedmoor are searching for two men who they believe could be tied to a felony counterfeiting ring. That fake money scam is hitting stores in towns and cities across the region.

The latest victims are the Family Dollar and Food Lion stores in the Creedmoor Commons shopping center.

Creedmoor Police say two men recently passed fake $20 bills at those stores and then got away in a white Ford Taurus. There is a $1,000 cash reward if the two men are caught. If you think you’ve seen them, call Creedmoor Police at 919 528 1515, or the Granville County Crimestoppers at 919 693 3100.

While a couple of fake twenties may not sound like a big deal, police are worried it’s part of a larger problem because traditionally, counterfeiters have focused on larger bills, like 100’s.

Other towns in North Carolina have been hit up lately too, and just up I-95 in Chesterfield, Virginia, the owner of a nursery said she was also scammed.

The Secret Service investigates all of those incidents. They say detecting a fake can be tricky, but look closely. Fake bills tend to look dull and muted. Look for the blue security thread, a watermark and ink that shifts in color. Genuine bills have raised print you can feel.

And markers don’t always work because scammers can bleach a bill and print a higher currency on it.


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