Man charged in Wilson murder had multiple prior convictions

Gregory Parks, charged with murder in Wilson.
Gregory Parks, charged with murder in Wilson.

WILSON, N.C. (WNCN) – Gregory Parks is charged in the kidnapping and murder of 20-year-old Isabel Palacios.

Her body has not been found, but Wilson Police say they have enough evidence to charge Parks with her murder.

A Wilson mom is missing and a man is charged with murder.

For the past three weeks, police have been searching Parks’ home on Ward Boulevard. On Wednesday, Parks was arrested.

WNCN sorted through court documents and found Parks has convictions in Wilson, Nash, Durham and Wake County, dating back to 1984. He has been convicted 14 times and many of those convictions were felonies, including manslaughter, attempted first- and second-degree rape and assault on a female.

In 2013, Parks was convicted on two counts of engaging in prostitution with minors. Those charges stemmed from a 2012 incident involving two teenagers at his Ward Blvd home.

Court documents show the two 17-year-old girls say they went to Parks home because he told them he’d give them some free marijuana. The girls say Parks took them to his bedroom, put a knife to one of the girl’s necks, and told her he would kill her if she didn’t take her clothes off.

The girls said they took their clothes off and Parks performed unconsented oral sex on them. They were able to get away when one of the girls stabbed Parks in the back of the head with a scalpel.

Parks claimed the acts were consensual, saying the girls asked him to “get them going,” according to his statement to police.

When the case went to trial in February 2013, Parks was tried on two counts of first-degree sexual offense and two counts of prostitution with minors. The jury found Parks not guilty of first-degree sexual offense, but guilty of prostitution with minors.

Parks was sentenced to serve more than 27 years in prison. However, in June of 2014, the North Carolina Court of Appeals overturned that ruling, saying there was not enough evidence to convict him. They dismissed the prostitution charged because “both teens testified at trial that Parks did not solicit sex from them in exchange for money or marijuana.”

As a result, Parks was released from prison early in July 2014.

On Friday, Parks made his first appearance in court. A judge denied him bond. He asked for a court-appointed attorney and told the judge that he was “broke.”

Palacios, 20, was reported missing to police Aug 4. Police say they will continue looking for her until she is found.

Palacios’ family said Parks’ arrest brings a little bit of relief, but they won’t have closure until she is found.

“We love her very much and we will keep looking for her,” said her aunt, Gloria Cortez. “We’re not going to rest until we find her.”


  • May 2009 (Nash) – larceny from merchant
  • January 2009 (Wilson) – attempted larceny
  • January 2009 (Wilson) – worthless check (3 counts)
  • May 2008 (Wilson)- Uttering forged paper/inst/end and cheat/property/services and forgery
  • May 2008 (Wilson) – uttering forged paper/inst/end
  • May 2002 (Wilson) – common law robbery, habitual felon
  • April 1998 (Nash) – cheat – property/services
  • March 1998 (Wilson) – obtaining property by false (3 counts)
  • January 1985 (Durham) – attempted 1st degree rape
  • January 1985 (Durham) – felony breaking and entering
  • February 1984 (Durham) – assault on female
  • March 1991 (Wake) – attempted 2nd degree rape, assault on female
  • February 1991 (Durham) – manslaughter (served 4 years)


Convicted felon charged in murder of missing Wilson mom, police say

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