Tensions escalate as protests over Kerrick mistrial continue in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – After marching peacefully through uptown Charlotte for most of the day Friday after a mistrial was declared in the Randall “Wes” Kerrick case, protesters and police clashed near BB&T Ball Park.

Protests in Charlotte after the Kerrick case is declared a mistrial.
CLICK FOR PHOTOS: Protests erupt in Charlotte after mistrial

Around 9 p.m. protesters marched to the gate of the ball park, where the Charlotte Knights were playing a game which was postponed from Thursday night due to inclement weather.

There were reports of protesters throwing rocks and taunting people and police inside the gates. As protesters moved around the park, gates were locked and fans were not allowed to exit. After the crowds passed the gates, they were reopened and people were allowed to go.

According to officials, several arrests were made, but no further information was released.

From WBTV’s Sky 3, police in full riot gear could be seen just outside the main gate. Officers appeared to have created a barricade blocking at least one of the roads at the intersection.

Crowds of people could be seen all around the area. One person could even be seen on top of a police car.

The situation appeared to have gotten more active compared to the “die-ins” – where protesters laid down in the streets blocking traffic – from earlier in the day.

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