Georgia man’s truck hits 1 million miles

COLUMBUS, Ga. – How many neighbors do you know who have put a million miles on their vehicle? We found one and it’s a story we thought was worth sharing in tonight’s News 3 Neighbors.

million miles

Columbus native and Phenix City resident, Tommy Bush practically lives on the road. He is a parts coordinator for a fork lift company in Pennsylvania.

Bush bought a GMC Sierra 1500 back in 2007 and just recently rolled over to 1,000,000 miles, but the only problem is that the odometer will only go to 999,999.

Bush says he covers 17 states and usually travels between 160,000 and 170,000 miles a year and replaced the engine at 409,000 miles because it had a bad valve in it.

Tommy says he averages 150,000 miles on each set of Michelins he put on it. He has gone through six windshields, five gas caps, only two batteries, and almost broke down once.

“I came real close one time, changed the alternator on it at 840 something thousand miles. It went out up in the mountains and I actually made it to a dealership to get it changed. That’s the only time I come close to breaking down,” Bush says.

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