Bill allows camera enforcement of NC bus safety law

File Photo

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – State lawmakers will decide on a new bill that would allow school bus surveillance video to be used in tracking down vehicles that pass stopped school buses in North Carolina.

“Parents, when they put their children on those buses every morning, they have an expectation of safety,” said Sen. Tom McInnis, (R) Richmond County.

A judiciary committee is scheduled to talk about the bill Wednesday to enforce bus stop-arm violations. The bill was previous approved by a Senate judiciary committee and now must be approved by a House committee before it can move forward.

Lawmakers are hoping the new bill will make it easier to charge drivers who refuse to stop for school bus stop-arms.

If passed, drivers won’t be the only ones punished. The vehicle’s registered owner would face a $500 fine and be subject to a $100 late fee if the ticket is not paid on time.

“I’m still concerned about the steep price of the fine and that this is a revenue generating proposal,” said Sen. Angela Bryant, (D) District 4.

Under the bill, money collect from the fines would be shared between the companies that install the cameras and the school systems.

The bill will be discussed Wednesday and needs to be passed in the House before it’s a step closer to becoming law.

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