More headaches for drivers as changes come to Fortify zone

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – As the summer winds down, construction crews are working harder than ever on major road construction projects across the Triangle.

Drivers will see big changes coming to some of the area’s busiest roads beginning next week.

The lane restrictions and traffic shifts that have drivers on Interstate 40 East in the Fortify work zone in a three-lane pattern are expected to be extended to Rock Quarry Road in Raleigh early next week.

Drivers should pay pattern to the traffic shift, which will bring vehicles in line with the shifts that have already happened on most of eastbound I-40 between Jones Franklin Road and the Hammond Road interchange.

Construction crews, who will suspend temporary lane closures and most work during the Labor Day weekend, will complete the eastbound shift between Rock Quarry Road and the I-40/I-440 split by mid-September.

Crews are also gearing up for the same traffic pattern changes on I-40 West. Next week, they will prepare the area where I-440 East meets I-40 West for the same one-lane shift.

As lanes are moved, motorists need to follow the new 10-foot dotted white lines on the road, which indicate the new lane pattern.

Drivers should also obey the reduced speed limit of 60 mph. If caught speeding in a work zone, drivers could face an additional $250 fine beyond the cost of the ticket itself.

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