Attorney of man accused of killing Wilson mom wants police to reveal evidence

WILSON, N.C. (WNCN) – The attorney of a Wilson man accused of kidnapping and killing a young mother is asking police to show their evidence.

Gregory Parks is accused of kidnapping and killing 20-year-old Isabel Palacios. Palacios has been missing since Aug. 1. Her body has not been found, but two weeks ago police arrested Parks, claiming they had enough evidence to charge him. Police have not said what that evidence is.

A Wilson mom is missing and a man is charged with murder.

Parks’ attorney, Tom Sallenger, has filed several motions, including the motion to dismiss if authorities cannot present the evidence connecting his client to the murder.

“This is a major concern,” said Sallenger. “Especially when you’re pleading not guilty and you say you didn’t do it…the concern is that it is hard to defend yourself unless you know what the allegations really are.”

Police say Parks’ home was the last place Palacios was seen before she went missing. Police have been searching the home for the past month and it remains marked off with crime scene tape.

Parks’ is being held at the jail on no bond. Sallenger is requesting his bond be lowered to $25,000.

“He’s anxious about this court proceeding, he would like very much for the matter to move forward so that we can get a fair and reasonable resolution,” said Sallenger.

Parks was scheduled to have a probable cause hearing on Tuesday, but that hearing was rescheduled for some time in early October.

Court documents show in 2014, Parks was released from prison 27-years early after the North Carolina Court of Appeals overturned his conviction in Wilson County.

A few months earlier, a jury convicted him on two counts of participating in prostitution of a minor but the appeals court later overturned that ruling saying there was not enough evidence to convict him — and he’s been out since July 2014.

In the past, Parks has also been convicted on manslaughter and attempted first and second degree rape charges.

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