NC car insurance rates could rise if driver ed funding cut

Driver education (file)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Insurance rates for North Carolinians could rise if state funding for driver education is eliminated, the state’s Insurance Commissioner said Tuesday.

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin on Tuesday urged the North Carolina Senate and House of Representatives to preserve funding for driver’s education as part of the budget. The North Carolina General Assembly has not reached a final budget and whether to fund driver education is part of the debate.

“If you have inexperienced drivers who do not have appropriate driver’s education on our highways, you could see it trickle down to where everyone has their rates impacted — and that’s not good,” Goodwin told WNCN.

Car insurance rates in North Carolina are based on the claims that go to the insurance companies, the Department of Insurance said. If insurance companies pay out more claims over time, rates could increase for all drivers.

Goodwin insisted that the matter of driver education is one that impacts all drivers, not just those with children.

“You may not have children yet, but others do and they’re going to be on the road.  If they’re inexperienced and do not have appropriate education and know how to drive safely, then it could impact you—you could be in an accident with them and someone could get hurt or killed,” he said.

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