Raleigh Council approves food truck changes, 17-story Dillon project

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) -It was an easy win for food truck owners and operators Tuesday night at Raleigh City Council.

“I’d be willing to put forward a motion to approve food trucks in zone NX tonight if other councilors would be willing to support that,” said council member Bonner Gaylord.

A proposed city rezoning plan would have cut back on areas that the kitchens on wheels could dish up their creations. But after a quick vote, the City Council served up a solution by changing the plan to allow food trucks to continue cooking in mixed use areas. And it solicited a standing ovations for the City Council at the meeting.

Also Tuesday, the City Council approved a 17-story mixed-use development in the old Dillon Supply Company building downtown. The development is being done by John Kane, the developer of North Hills.

The Dillon in downtown Raleigh (Kane Realty).
The Dillon in downtown Raleigh (Kane Realty).

The development is expected to open in 2017, the same as Raleigh’s new Union Station. The Dillon will include 210,000 square feet of Class-A office space and 260 apartments.

As for the food truck owners and employees, they were thankful they will be able to operate where they get the most business.

The food truck crew that turned out to protest the proposed rezoning left satisfied, but those that came to discuss the new patio ordinance left with a bad taste in their mouth.

Several business owners and employees expressed concerns about how the new outdoor space restrictions have hurt sales. Some speakers even said they’ve seen a decrease of 15 percent.

“I would like to represent hundreds of service industry employees that are affected by the new regulations. And I’m here to show you that in my personal opinion I believe the intent of passing the patio ordinance doesn’t match your expectations,” said a Paddy O’Beers employee.

Others complained the police presence scared away customers. While there was no vote on the issue, the comments certainly gave council members some food for thought.

The patio ordinance will be brought before city council again in November for a policy review.



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