SC man airlifted to hospital after putting gas on debris fire

A South Carolina man is taken to the hospital after putting gas on debris he was burning in his yard. (WSPA).

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – A man was flown to the hospital after an accident while burning debris in his yard, according to Assistant Fire Chief Brent Lewis and North Spartanburg Fire District.

Lewis said the man was adding gasoline to the fire to help it burn better.

He was airlifted to the Joseph M. Still burn center.

His name has not been released.

The North Spartanburg Fire District said with the fall season approaching, they wanted to share some basic burn safety tips:

– Always ensure that outside burning is at least 50 ft. from any structure

– The only thing that can be burned in most areas is yard debris (no trash, furniture, etc.)

– Check your local ordinances; burning may be prohibited

– Fires should never be started using flammable liquids of any type and flammable liquids should never be added to any fire.

– Closely supervise all outdoor fires. make sure the fire is out before leaving.

– Avoid burning on windy or dry days

– Have an extinguishing method close by (garden hose that can reach the fire)

– If you are burning, request a burn permit at 1-800-517-9640 and your local fire department

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