Woman who survived WDBJ shooting improving

Vicki Gardner, who survived the WDBJ shooting, was released from the hospital Monday. (Facebook)

The only survivor in last week’s tragic shooting near Smith Mountain Lake, killing WDBJ7’s Alison Parker and Adam Ward, continues to improve.

Updates on Vicki Garnder’s condition have been periodically posted on Vicki’s Recovery Page on Facebook after the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce member was shot during a live interview.

The status posted on Thursday said, “Today was another milestone day for Vicki’s recovery. She was able to open and read get well cards from all over North America for hours (without even making a dent in the Santa sack of mail). She endured back to back physical therapy, occupational therapy, x-rays, and surgeon visits with a smile on her face. All hospital feedback has been positive and the possibilities of her own bed coming in on the horizon is putting a pep in her step (well it would-if she could skip, or even slightly hop). Buddy was able to come for another visit and has officially won the hearts of the ICU floor staff. It still amazes us that he is able to visit, which shows that Carilion Clinics truly have their hearts in the right place. They seem to know the most important fundamental of healing is… love.
Final thoughts for anyone doubting her recovery- Vicki is already giving Tim (husband) vacuuming and sheet changing orders. This is a clear sign that things are getting back to normal. Thanks to everyone for your funny comments, kind words, and powerful prayers.”

PHOTOS: WDBJ shooting
Courtesy of Vicki’s Recovery Page on Facebook

On Friday, Vicki’s Recovery Page posted the first photos of her since the tragic shooting with the status simply saying, “Feeling good today!!”


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