4-year-old boy and his dog rescued from 25 ft deep well in Mississippi

Image from WJTV
Image from WJTV

BROOKHAVEN, Miss. (AP) — A 4-year-old boy and his dog have been rescued from a well in Mississippi.

Clifford Galey, civil defense director for Lincoln County, tells The Daily Leader newspaper that the boy had been trapped in a well nearly 25 feet deep. The hole was only about a foot and a half wide.

Lincoln County Sheriff Steve Rushing told The Clarion-Ledger on Monday night that rescuers had tried to hoist the boy up with a rope, but the youngster didn’t know how to attach it. However, he was rescued a few hours later to the cheers of emergency workers.

Galey told WJTV that officials believe the little boy’s dog fell down the well first — and was down in the well for a couple of days.

They believe the little boy heard the dog, went toward the noise, and “disappeared” by the hole sometime around 5 p.m. The boy was pulled out just after 9 p.m.

The well was about 70 miles south of Jackson. Galey says crews sent water down the well to hydrate the boy.

— WJTV contributed to this report

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