268 Person County students out after illness outbreak in schools

ROXBORO, N.C. (WNCN) – After nearly 1000 students were out sick at Person County Schools last week, some absences are still being reported.

On Friday, nearly 1,000 students were absent from class. 650 missed school Thursday, and about 100 were home sick on Wednesday after a “gastrointestinal illness outbreak” hit schools in the system.

The three schools that were most heavily impacted are Person High School, Helena Elementary and Woodland Elementary.

By Friday, when Norovirus was confirmed, that number jumped to nearly 1,000 students who did not attend school in Person County Friday.

Authorities said that sanitizing took place last week after the incident.

Now, on Tuesday, the first day of school this week, authorities say that there are 268 students out — but it’s not clear how many of those are associated with an illness.

Officials said that school buses are being sanitized again on Tuesday.

Also, “sanitizing continues at our schools,” said Danny Holloman, Superintendent of Person County Schools.


VITAL INFORMATION: CDC Recommendations on Norovirus


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