NC school district backtracks on ‘Children of Color’ tweet

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – September is Attendance Awareness Month and Charlotte Mecklenburg School District sent a tweet that has received lots of attention.

This week CMS sent a tweet stating “Children of Color are more likely to be chronically absent than peers.” Several people found that tweet to be offensive and the district shouldn’t single out students in a negative manner.

The district has since taken down the tweet.

WBTV reached out to CMS and this is how the district responded: “The tweet was part of this month-long Attendance Awareness campaign. We respect the concerns expressed and have removed this particular tweet in question. However, we will post new tweets on the topic in the future and encourage our media partners to join this effort.”

Social Media expert Brandon Uttley tells WBTV using a tweet is not a good way to start a dialogue about a touchy subject of certain students not showing up for school.

He also says CMS could have dealt with this matter in a better way.

CMS did not provide anyone to talk to WBTV about this situation but it did provide several links showing how absenteeism impacts certain groups of students.

WBTV has asked for district numbers concerning absenteeism to see how CMS stacks up against other school districts. We have also reached out to all school board members to get their reaction on the tweet. Still waiting for a response.

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