Cary residents hold Day of Service and Remembrance

CARY, NC (WNCN) — Cary residents chose to remember September 11th with a day of civic pride. Volunteers gathered on Saturday today to build a vegetable garden at a local fire station.


“It’s just a good feeling to know that the community appreciates what we do and it’s something they can give to us that will sustain us in our lives here at the fire house,” said Capt. Chad Godwin.

Nearly 50 people ranging from families, to retirees to students got a little dirty to give back. The garden has a new home at Fire Station 4 on Old Apex Road as part of the town’s environmental volunteer program called ‘Spruce.’

“We’ve got kale, collards, some carrots, beets things like that and they’ll get to harvest those throughout the winter and then we’re also planting some beneficial native flowers around the borders as well as strawberry plants, herbs and blueberry plants,” said Environmental Outreach Program Coordinator with the town of Cary, Sarah Justice.

Justice said the garden is a way to pay tribute to September 11th and make sure they never forget.

“This was formulated to give people a chance to grieve and also do something with those feelings that is a productive feeling that will stand the test of time and give back to the people who serve us all year long,” she said.

For more information on Spruce or how you can volunteer, visit this website:

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