Indiana law enforcement receive random acts of kindness

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) – An unspoken gesture touched some members of Indiana’s law enforcement this week.

Signs of 9/11 support were found around central Indiana on Friday. Standing in the rain, holding a flag, is one way some expressed their gratitude.

“It’s just a huge thank you to those who have served and are still serving,” Susan Lightcap said.

Not all of the support is visible. This week, some officers got an unexpected surprise.

It happened Thursday night, as a Fishers officer ordered food for his family.

“The cashier told me that the driver in front of me had purchased my meal,” Fishers Police Sgt. Tom Weger said.

It was a gesture Sgt. Weger appreciated.

“I would just say, ‘thank you,’” Sgt. Weger said. “It means a lot to know people are thinking of us, that people are willing to go out of their way and go above and beyond.”

Something similar with an Indiana State Trooper happened in Knox County this week as well.

“One of our troopers and a deputy sheriff where having lunch at a restaurant in Vincennes, and they were very surprised when someone that they did not know went up and paid their bill,” Indiana State Police Sgt. Todd Ringle said.

And on the receipt was a supportive message:

You might not feel it but there are still people that are grateful for what you do.”

“It’s always a good feeling though when you hear or see something like this,” Sgt. Ringle said.

Whether it’s braving the weather, or paying for a meal, some say it’s important to give back to those who risk so much.

“I think it’s wonderful to show thanks for something that they do all year round,” Brad Lightcap said.

“I love the fact that people find ways, different ways, to thank the police and the firemen,” Susan Lightcap said.

Having meals paid for isn’t new. Officers say it’s happened in the past.

But with a lot of attention on officers lately, they say it’s happening more often. And they all said, you don’t need to spend money, or stand in the rain. A simple “thank you” can go a long way.

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