NC teacher accused of hitting student with yard stick suspended, facing charges

NEWLAND, N.C. (WBTV) – An Avery County teacher is facing charges and currently suspended from school after he’s accused of hitting a student with a yard stick repeatedly last month.

A magistrate issued a criminal summons against Daniel Fortune, a U.S. History and Civics teacher at Avery County High School, for simple assault.

Fortune is accused of hitting a student with a yard stick on the student’s arm and back. The student, a junior, was hit two or three times, according to investigators.

The student’s parent’s made the complaint against Fortune. After an investigation, the summons was issued.

Avery County Schools’ Superintendet David Burleson says the incident happened on Aug. 31. Fortune was reportedly told that night not to come back to work. He was officially suspended from the school the next day.

School officials say this was an isolated incident between one teacher and one student, saying there is no ongoing safety concern at the school.

As for Fortune’s future employment, Burleson says the school district will wait out the legal process to see what happens. Fortune has a court date of Oct. 27.

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