Tests reveal type of fungal spores found in Creedmoor Elementary

CREEDMOOR, N.C. (WNCN) – Granville County parents received an update at a school board meeting Monday after mold was found in several parts of Creedmoor Elementary School earlier in September.

Books and other supplies had to be thrown out while a wall was knocked down in order to remove the mold.

Granville County Schools said it became aware of a moisture problem last week and professional tests showed the presence of mold spores in several areas of the school where first and second graders have class.

LRC Indoor Testing and Research performed four different tests on four different days from Sept. 3 through Sept. 13.

A total of 16 samples were taken of fungal spores in the air throughout the school.

High amounts of spores were found in what was called classrooms three, four, ten and 11, along with the cafeteria.

The predominant type of fungal spore found is called penicillium/aspergillus.

This kind of spore is common and has been known to affect allergies and asthma, and can cause sickness in people with weak immune systems.

“The biggest problem in the main building is the humidity level. The system in three areas must be replaced quickly, or something to be done. If not, you’re going to be occurring this exact same problem,” said an LRC representative at Monday night’s school board meeting.

According to the CDC, there are no regulations regarding acceptable airborne fungal levels, so there’s no standard to compare these numbers to.

School officials said the affected areas have been cleaned and are now safe.

“We’ve learned in situations like this that humidity is the root cause. There are some practices we’ll be looking at moving forward so that we can avoid this problem at all costs,” said Stan Winborne of Granville County Public Schools.

At the school board meeting, members threw around several ideas to prevent more mold, like altering cleaning practices, keeping a close watch for leaks, and monitoring humidity levels.

“We’re also going to consider the possibility of contracting with these experts on annual or bi annual testing of our schools,” said Winborne.

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