Triangle universities grieve recent loses

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A vigil on the campus of North Carolina State University Tuesday evening is a gesture seen on multiple occasions at schools in the Triangle recently.

“Within a community when things like that happen, immediately it’s like some type of a damage that has been done,” said Shaw University Chaplain April Rhinehardt.

Shaw has lost two students in the last month.

Bryant Williams was killed in a motorcycle accident Aug. 19. Keyona Charlissa Verdell was hit and killed by a car in Raleigh Sept. 6.

And with those loses, counselors are on standby to help students who are affected by the loss.

Rhinehardt said grief is not something one should rush through.

“It’s something that you have to process through. And if you think you can rush through it, funeral’s over we need to go back to business. It just doesn’t happen that way,” she said.

N.C. State is mourning the death of a student Monday.

“It’s bringing up mixed emotions for people all across campus regardless of whether or not they knew the student. It’s definitely impacting everyone,” said N.C. State Student Body President Khari Cyrus.

At Tuesday’s vigil at N.C. State, a message was broadcasted to anyone in need.

“Seek help, talk to somebody. If you’re struggling, it’s OK. Just connect with someone and know that it’s going to get better,” said Dr. Monica Osburne, director of the N.C. State Counseling Center.

On the Wolfpack campus, counselors are being proactive by reaching out to faculty and meeting with student groups. Some counselors are even going to classes.

They want students to know there will be someone to talk to no matter where you are or what you’re going through.


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