NC pastor hits hole-in-one for $30,000, will donate part to church

Rick Bailey of Farmville in a photo from WNCT

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – On Thursday, a pastor of a church in Eastern North Carolina hit a hole-in-one and earned a $30,000 cash prize.

Rick Bailey of Farmville hit the hole-in-one at the 17th annual Rotary Golf Tournament.

The tournament was held by the Williamston Rotary at the Roanoke Country Club in Williamston.

Bailey managed to hit the special shot on the 10th hole at the club.

“Got up and took a 3-wood at 203 yards and hit probably one of the best 3-wood shots I’ve ever hit,” Bailey said.

The ball went out of sight, but Bailey figured out it was a hole-in-one anyway.

“I lost it when it hit the ground, but I saw the reactions of the people up on the green who were spotters and evidently I got a hole-in-one.. actually I did get a hole-in-one,” he said.

That shot was Bailey’s second-ever hole-in-one.

Bailey, who’s a pastor at First Baptist Church in Farmville, says he plans to donate a portion of the $30,000 to his church and save the rest.

“It’s still kinda sinking in.. I know I’ll give some of it to the church where I am a pastor and going deposit the rest of it in savings — I’m not getting any younger!” he laughed.

— Information from WNCT-TV

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