Suspect rapes woman in broad daylight, Florida police say

fl_rape2 (1)_edited-2
Police sketch of the suspect

NORTH PORT, Fla. (WFLA) – Police say a North Port woman was raped in the middle of a neighborhood in broad daylight on Sept. 5. Now they need the community’s help getting the violent criminal off the streets.

Police say on Sept. 5 around 2:30 p.m., a 41-year-old woman was walking along Bullard Street when two men in a white sedan drove up. A man asked her if she wanted a good time. Things immediately turned ugly after she said “no.”

A man jumped out, shoved her into the backseat and raped her, police said. As the rape was going on, the driver encouraged the assailant, saying, “Get her. Get her.”

The rape lasted about 10 minutes, and then the man pushed the victim out to the middle of the road and left her there crying, police said. “If it can happen on a busy street, in the middle of the day, I think it can happen on any street, anywhere,” Police spokesman Josh Taylor said.

Officers have released a sketch of the suspect. Officials say the man is between 20-30 years old, with blue eyes and a thin build. He wore a white tank top and light blue jeans.

The man has a bald head. He either had a tattoo or dirt under his right eye. He was wearing diamond stud earrings.

Patrol cars have been canvassing the neighborhood. This crime has locals on edge.

Kathleen English lives yards away from the crime scene. “I just can’t see it happening to me,” English said.

English said she feels safe here, but this latest story has given her pause. “Maybe I need to be more afraid of something like this happening,” she added.

Police say the victim was treated and is working closely with police. There are now multiple detectives on the case. “A part of the healing process for her is making sure she gets justice for whoever may have done that,” Taylor said.

Police want you to be alert and always be aware of your surroundings. If you have information about the suspect, call North Port Police at (941) 429-7300.

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