NC State issues crime alert after sexual assault reported on campus

In a post on Facebook, officials say they were notified yesterday of an incident that happened in Carroll Hall.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – North Carolina State University Police Department issued a crime warning to the campus as officers investigate a reported sexual assault.

In a post on Facebook, officials said they were notified yesterday of an incident that happened in Carroll Hall.

Police said the suspect was known to the victim.

“It happens even if you know the person or you don’t. It’s still common,” said Jillian Tufo, N.C. State student.

It is not clear if anyone has been charged.

If you need to report any suspicious activities on campus, call 911 or 919-515-3000.

The Associated of American Universities released a study Monday that said sexual crimes occurred on college campus more than often thought.

About 25 percent of undergraduate woman surveyed at more than two dozen universities across the country said they had experienced unwanted sexual contact during college.

“I feel like the people I know wouldn’t do that to me. But it could happen to anyone so it makes me a little bit nervous,” said student Alyssa McNeary.

UNC Chapel Hill was among the colleges included in the study.

Just last year the university put a new sexual assault policy in place after the school was one of 80 universities under federal investigation for allegations of mishandling sexual assault claims.

A spokesperson said the University is continuing to focus on sexual violence prevention and response.

Groups working to curb sexual assault say there is still work to be done on college campuses and throughout the community.

“I think we have attitudes and beliefs in society especially among young people as well that really say women aren’t valuable and whatever I want I can do it to get it,” Monika Johnson Hostler, North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

They say changing attitudes is the first step toward prevent sexual assault.

“That’s what we have a lot of student groups doing, is focusing on how to change their culture on their college campus so sexual assault is not acceptable,” Hostler said.

Many schools have resources for victims of sexual assault.

N.C. State’s resources can be found here.

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