Workers sanitize schools after 20+ children sick in Cumberland Co.

Photo by Nate Rodgers/WNCN

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WNCN) — Cumberland County School officials are still working to learn what caused several students and staff members to become sick this past Friday.

Teachers and students returned to Armstrong Elementary School in Fayetteville on Monday.

On Friday, district officials say more than 20 students started complaining of nausea, dizziness and other flu like symptoms.

Seven teachers also called in sick.

District officials say over the weekend, the school was sanitized thoroughly and they’re still unsure what caused the sudden outbreak.

Students were encouraged to wash their hands frequently.

“Kids that age, they love to share items,  and a virus, once a kid actually touches things, and they put their hands in their mouth, anything can happen when it comes to gastrointestinal virus for a kid,” said Shirley Johnson, Director Health, for Cumberland County School District.

 Johnson says attendance was back to normal Monday.

The school will continue proactive measures to ensure students aren’t spreading germs.

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