Profane graffiti spray-painted on Cary High School

Photo Courtesy: @trevor_dingess1/ Twitter
CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS Courtesy: @trevor_dingess1/ Twitter

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – Profane graffiti was splashed across Cary High School Friday morning, with references to drug use and sex.

Wake County Schools confirmed graffiti was found on one wall of the school, however Cary Police said there was graffiti on the outside of more than one building.

Sprayed across the school, according to images posted on social media, were words like “F— Cary” and “F— the police” multiple times.

Also spray painted was the number 420, a reference to marijuana use, and obscene drawings.

Some of the graffiti referenced a Mr. Woods. According to Cary High School’s website, a Jamal Woods works in the administration department.

The graffiti was cleaned up by 11 a.m. Friday. Police said they are investigating and there is no suspect at this time.

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