Python hides in flea market clothes, goes after TV reporter

A Florida flea market has clothing, shoes, grills, and, Sunday only, a 6+ foot long Burmese python.


“A snake this size could easily eat a cat or small dog,” said Lieutenant Scott Mullin, a venom response officer with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.

According to Mullin, the Homestead Flea Market tables were left outside overnight.

That’s when the python slithered into a pile of pants, trying to blend in and digest its meal.

WPLG-TV reports a woman was rummaging through some clothes when she ran across the snake.

A reporter tried to capture some video of the snake and it decided to come after her — and she nearly dropped the camera!

A wildlife officer picked up the snake very quickly and tried to shove it into a cage.

“They’re not venomous. They’re constrictors,” Mullin said of pythons. “They don’t want to mess with humans. They’d rather get away from us.”

The next stop for the Burmese python is a local fish and wildlife center.

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