Oregon rape suspect arrested in Mexico after 25 year search

Paul Jackson was arrested in Mexico after 25 years. (Hillsboro PD)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Paul Jackson, who has been a fugitive from Oregon justice since 1990, was arrested Monday in Mexico by Mexican authorities and the U.S. Marshals Service.

Jackson was indicted for rape and kidnapping on June 30, 1990 but fled before a trial could take place. Investigators believed he and his half-brother, Vance Roberts, held a teen against her will and raped her.

Roberts also fled, but surrendered in 2006. He’s now serving a 108-year prison term.

“The house was like a house of horrors, it was like a dungeon,” victim Andrea Hood told KOIN 6 News in a 1990 interview. “They kept me chained to the bed, my hands handcuffed to each corner, they had guns laying around.”

In the interview, Hood recalled having a pillowcase thrown over her head before she was shoved in a van and driven to Vance’s house.

“They had bars on the windows, they kept telling me if I screamed nobody would hear me,” she previously said.

Paul Jackson was featured on The Hunt, hosted by John Walsh. (CNN)
Paul Jackson was featured on The Hunt, hosted by John Walsh. (CNN)

Recently, Jackson was featured on the CNN program, The Hunt, hosted by John Walsh. He was also profiled on “America’s Most Wanted” and the case remained active through the years.

Monday, Jackson was arrested in Guadalajara by Mexican immigration authorities at a downtown hotel. He told authorities his name was Paul Bennett Hamilton and he’d been living in Mexico for years.

Deportation proceedings will begin in Mexico soon, but no date for his return to Oregon has been scheduled.

Detective Bruce Parks was fresh in his career when he was put on the case in 1990. Over two decades later, he says he’s looking forward to bringing Jackson to justice.

“I’d like to see that before my career ended here,” Parks said. “I’m going to ask him… do you remember me? And my next question is, do you want to help yourself? We’ve got a lot of questions.”

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