Demonstrators say NC bill unfairly targets undocumented immigrants

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Protesters called on Gov. Pat McCrory Wednesday to veto a controversial bill passed in the General Assembly.

Demonstrators said the bill unfairly targets undocumented immigrants.

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Those assembled were puzzled by lawmakers waited until the end of its session to pass legislation demonstrators said will hurt North Carolina’s undocumented population.

Undocumented resident Carmen Rodriguez said she is in the U.S. for her kids.

Her three children are all U.S. citizens.

“I live with fear all days, every days. When I drive, I think when I see a police they can stop me and ask me about the documents,” she said.

And that fear is what is driving protesters to the Capitol and to the governor.

They’re upset about legislation passed that limits the type of identification government officials can accept and bans the creation of so-called, sanctuary cities, that would limit cooperation in tracking the undocumented.

On Wednesday, five demonstrators staged a temporary sit-in inside the Capitol.

One of the demonstrators who remained inside the Capitol was El Pueblo Executive Director Angeline Echeverria.

“It’s been a really negative portrayal of immigrants in our community and that tone, encouraging that type of an environment in North Carolina is going to hurt all immigrants,” Echeverria said before the rally.

No one was arrested during the demonstration.

The NCGOP released a statement that said ending sanctuary cites is good for North Carolina.

“Ending sanctuary cities is good for all North Carolinians because as a nation and state governed by laws, no one should give sanctuary to anyone who breaks them, and that includes our immigration laws,” the release said.

Rep. Grier Martin (D-Wake) said the bill goes “too far” and said it was “mean spirited.”

It is not clear if McCrory will sign the bill.

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