Dancing Ohio police officer delights neighborhood

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – It’s a 19-second clip that has everyone talking.

You’ve seen “The whip,” you’ve seen the “Nae Nae,” but what do you know about “The Quan?”

Columbus Police officer Anthony Johnson knows about it – and he also knows a good thing or two about community policing.

“Growing up I never thought that I would be a police officer, not in a million years,” Johnson said.

Then, he met a police officer who broke the negative stereotypes that some people have about officers, showing Johnson a more human side that actually looked fun.

It’s a positive portrayal of men and women who don a badge that he now lives.

He plays basketball with community members and takes time out to talk – and even bust a move – with local children.

“They challenged me, actually,” Johnson shared.

That challenge is now going viral.

“I got a little skills so I had to get out the car and show them a little something something.”

Now this south side community, which is slowly building itself back up, has one more thing to be proud of.

“I mean he’s always around the neighborhood doing stuff like that,” said 14-year-old Matthew Payne.

And about the viral video that now has thousands of views, Johnson said it took on a life of its own overnight.

“I didn’t think that it would get that big when I first heard about it,” he said.

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