Tomatoes, pumpkins and squash at risk as NC rains continue

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) — While most of us are just annoyed by all this rain, for farmers it’s a far different story. It could mean the difference between making or losing money this year.

Many crops, including tomatoes, pumpkins, and squash are at risk.

“A lot of people are willing to come out in this weather. They want to come out to the farm,” said Milton Ganyard of Upchurch Farm.

But on this rainy Saturday Upchurch Farm in Cary remained closed. Ganyard, the pumpkin farmer, says it’s just not worth it.

“The farm is just so muddy. It would not be a good experience for them and it would do damage to the farm,” Ganyard said.

Ganyard told us he has 39- thousand pumpkins on the vine, ready to be picked.

“Rain water stands right here and that will cause some damage. That pumpkin will probably begin to deteriorate because the water is standing there,” Ganyard explained.

Pumpkins though are tough, farmers say.

It was top of mind for farmers at the farmers market.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen even though everybody has tried to run out and pick the main apples that they need to be picked, just in case,” Cindy Lowe of Sugarloaf Farms said.

“You just deal with it. And hope for the best. And just sell what you can and bring it to the market and people understand that some of it isn’t the perfect shape or whatever but it works,” Janie Cox of Cox Farms said.

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