Tree falls on Wake County home, highlighting a key concern as rains continue

WENDELL, NC (WNCN) — The big problem in our area hasn’t been the flooding… but falling trees.


Crews have been out all day responding to calls. In Wake County the damage was especially bad.

Just outside Wendell a home in the 500 block of Lake Glad Road took a hit from a falling tree.

A large portion of this 100-year-old willow oak tree collapsed on the house Friday night.

The crew has been out here since early Saturday morning trying to clean up and remove it.

The owner of the tree removal company said the owner had just finished renovations on this house yesterday.

And the tree came down just a few hours later.

The section that fell was about  4,000 pounds heavier than it should be because of all the water it’s been retaining.

There was a section of it that was damaged years ago and never filled in the way it should have.

With all this rain lately, it couldn’t take anymore.

“We’ve had tons and tons of trees on houses over the past week. You’re right, it hasn’t stopped raining for ten days. Our crane operator and I were just talking, earlier we saw the sun for the first time in ten days. It was a beautiful thing,” said Tim Robbins, owner of Arbormax Tree Service

Nobody was hurt when the tree fell.

Tim Robbins, the head of the tree removal company, says there are some steps to take to lessen the risk of something like this happening.

He says had there been a cable or a brace of some kind supporting the tree, that might have helped.

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