Charleston residents evacuate homes; woman reports 4 feet of water inside

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. – In North Charleston, the rain that fell over the last 48 hours has forced many residents out of their homes.

On Spruill Avenue, one woman named Cathy Jefferson said she has over three feet of water inside.

“Right now I need some help!” said Jefferson.

Source: News 2

On Saturday morning, Jefferson said the soaked scene outside her home was something she’s never seen before. “When I got up, the car was covered, the flowers were floating in the yard and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness I can’t get out. Help!’”

Jefferson says she called her daughter, Germell Davis, who immediately came to her mother’s aid.

Davois told News 2, “I immediately got in my car and drove over here. When I had gotten here she was standing on the porch at first and then all of a sudden she was in the yard.

Jefferson says she jumped into the deep water outside her home with the water up over her waist.

Davis explained, “I mean it was up to her chest. It wasn’t past the car yet but it was just horrible.”

Jefferson’s home and some of the surrounding properties, pounded with rain.

“My house is totally full of water. The floors are all damaged, the furniture is all wet…everything is, everything is gone,” said Jefferson.

Source: News 2

With countless cars submerged all around them, residents in this North Charleston neighborhood say it’s a nightmare.

Michael Nesbitt is an actor who lives in Los Angeles, but grew up in Charleston. Nesbitt says he also couldn’t believe his eyes. “They are pretty much flooded out. Some have evacuated and as you can see, some are still here…I’ve just never seen anything like this before. I mean we could use the rain in L.A. It’s just a lot of water.”

With cars cruising around the blocked streets and barricades, Jefferson says it’s causing even more damage to these families’ homes.

Davis told News 2, “You know, she (Jefferson) was telling them, ‘No! Don’t come! And they were just coming in and the water was just moving! It was like a wave pushing us out the way.”

As these residents evacuated, others took shelter in North Charleston at the United Methodist Church which has been named a shelter by the American Red Cross.  As of Sunday morning at 12:01am on, they had 18 people staying there and expected more to come overnight.

Summerville High School is also open as a shelter.

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